Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lion Cut

Six years, my husband and I acquired a beautiful fluffy orange kitten who grew into a beautiful fluffy orange cat.  The poor thing was found on the football field of the high school where I was teaching.

Here she is in all of her fluffy glory:

I know, she looks pissed.  It is her normal look when you take her picture.

When she became a cat rather than a kitten, my husband and I always said that she needed to get a lion cut during the summer.  One because cats with any kind of grooming look so silly/awesome.  Two because summers here are very hot and humid. And a thick fluffy fur coat just seems cruel to an animal that likes to be outside.

Although, I don't post to blog very often about the experiments I do, I do actually do some of them.  And this was probably one of the ones I have been looking forward to the most.  The orange fluffy cat finally got a lion cut.

(Ignore the mail and the weird stomach thing)

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