Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Goals of This Blog

Or why the world should read this. 

So, this will probably be another deployment/mommy blog mainly because those are the two things that are going on in my life. 

Here is the goal of this blog:

Try new things or things I've always talked about doing.  I'm keeping it pretty simple because it really is an experiment of sorts. 
   Examples of this are: 
                              paying cash for everything or at least in the places I tend to impulse buy: grocery, clothing, and the marts.
                              One new recipe a month
                              One new place a month: park, attraction, restaurant

I decided to start this blog because my husband is deployed for the next year in Kosovo.   And while Kosovo isn't a scary place like Iraq or Afghanistan, he is still going be gone for a year.  I'll be lonely, so trying new things and blogging about it will hopefully make the time pass by a little quicker.  I hope that this doesn't become one of my many attempts to write that I just forget about after a few days.  I'm really excited about this experiment and hope to continue it for the year. 

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